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I finally finished my living room! I thought it might never happen. I live in a 3BR/2BA apartment in Fredericksburg, VA. It's in an 1800's-ish house that's been converted to 7 apartments. I love it and will love it more when they fix the mold for good!

Anyone, onward.

This is the view from the dining room. It's a small crowded room but it's where I spend the most time. I want to add some more of the Wallter things on the wall, but need to buy them. The blue cubes/carebear are the kittens play area. I could move the carebear, but he'll just put it back. He's very picky.

From the dining room

a closeup of the kitten corner. I just made the radiator into some extra shelf space. The carebear is sitting on the kitten's scratch post.

The Wallters up close. They have 3m sticky stuff on the back, so they remove easily - I rent, so I can't paint, but I crave color. They come primed and you can spray paint them any color you want.

The open door leads to my "wing" where my bedroom, closet, and bathroom are. This bear is also one Ramsey (the kitten) adopted. It used to be in my room, but he decided it could no longer stay there, so it's come to rest in Ramsey's chair. Ramsey pretty much takes over whatever he wants. The green blanket is my attempt to keep some of his fur off the chair. The other door is just a closet.

Futon and window. I wish the colors showed up better. The blanket and pillows match the curtain. The futon is black, and I love that dark red against it.

Photos next to the couch. Top 4 are mine, bottom one is my dad's.

This is the front porch, which the living room looks out on. This is my favorite part. It's right on one of the busiest streets, so all the holiday parades pass right by. It's great when the christmas parade goes by, so we can sit on the porch and drink and see everything, while other people have to stake out seats on the street at 2pm.

Thats the view out the window/from the porch. To the left is the old firehouse, currently being converted to offices, and right across is the masonic lodge. the masons are really flipping annoying!
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